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  • 新光電子株式会社


    measure the Future

    The high precise and durable balances and scales made by Shinko Denshi, have been used in every field including the pharmacy, the research organizations, anti-explosion area such as pharmaceutical and chemical factories, the field of distribution and the educational institution.
    Shinko Denshi sends new value to the customers by measurement and weighting technology and contributes to the bright future.


    measure your Wish

    Shinko Denshi has produced the world's first products including the counting scale, Cubing & weighing system, the electronic balance with the tuning-fork sensor. Our only-one technology , wihch we have cultivated for many years, always progressed with the thought of our customers who aimed at better tomorrow. We will offera products in response to intense industry needs of the evolution to all of you.

    SUBARU astronomical telescope @NAOJ


    measure the Universe

    Shinko Denshi made Tuning Fork sensor are used in SUBARU astronomical telescope, the world largest optical outer red telescope, build on the summit of Mauna Kea Hawaii in 2000 by National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.


    measure the Quality

    Engineers of Shinko Denshi have changed the world with the new technoloty and products more than 50 years. They still continue the challenge to develop new technology.
    We are proud of all made in Japan from development, design, production to maintenance, and we also mind of better manufacturing.


    measure the World

    The sale network of Shinko Denshi opens in 50 countries of the world. The unique technology from Japan has been accepted all over the world